Looking for car insurance for young drivers? Well, you are in the right place - we specialise in drivers under 25 - from provisional license holders, to the newly qualified, to those who have built a year or two's no claim bonus.

Our panel offers a really top range of specialist Young Driver Insurers, offering a range of different policies including:

We have developed our specialist young driver car insurance service following feedback from customers of our main business moneymaxim.co.uk.. We were approached by many young drivers and their parents who were struggling to find affordable car insurance for newly-qualified drivers. As a result, we created links with many specialist young driver car insurers and this has resulted in our comprehensive offering being developed. We also have specialist members of our team who can assist you in your search.

We always recommend the first step is to run a quotation through our comparison service, and then to refer to our 'tailor your quote' section. Finally if you still need help you can always call our friendly customer assistance team on 01183 218197. Our service doesn't stop at insurance though, we can also help spreading the cost of your cover, car breakdown, car warranty and much much more. We have saved customers hundreds and hundreds of pounds when they are searching for cheap car insurance for new drivers - and whilst we would never promise that we can find genuinely cheap young driver insurance we will work really hard to the best priced policy in the market.

We do however look to save our customers money across a whole range of areas - so its not just the base car insurance where we can help. For instance we have suggestions as to how to reduce the cost of paying monthly for your car insurance - typically insurers charge upwards of 20% interest for monthly instalment plans - but we have suggestions on avoiding these penal fees. We also help with car breakdown cover - typically companies we offer charge around a third of the price the 'major' breakdown companies with policies starting from under £20, and a home start / recovery package from about £50. Car warranty plans are becoming more popular too - avoid the costs of an unexpected motoring bill with a car warranty plan.

We don't charge a penny for our services, expertise or add anything to the prices the insurers quote us - we think young drivers pay quite enough already - so give us a try - you really have nothing to lose!