How the theft of, or from your car, will affect your car insurance premium

If your car is stolen, or is broken into and you make a claim on your insurance you are likely to see your motor insurance premium effected in two ways:

  • Reduction or loss of your car insurance no claims discount
  • Your future premiums being 'loaded' due to a claim

If you are faced with higher premiums as a result of such an incident do review your options using our car insurance comparison site, as different insurers do take different views on claims, and therefore you existing insurance company may not still be the most competitive for you.

To reduce the potential of theft we suggest you take the following actions:

Protect your vehicle

  1. Always lock your car when you leave it - if you don't many insurers will deem this as negligence and not cover you for theft in any case - and this is almost certainly the case if you leave the engine running say while it warms up on a cold morning or whilst you dash into a corner shop!
  2. Keep your car locked in a garage if you have one - this often means cheaper insurance as well as protecting your car from theft and vandalism. If you can't off street is better than by the roadside.
  3. Consider additional security devices such as trackers, alarm and steering locks - you may need to get a specific type to have it approved by your insurer if you are looking for a lower premium. However its not always the case - so run a quote through our car insurance comparison service to see if your premiums change.
  4. High security door locks and ignition locks
  5. Engine Immobilisers
  6. Get your windscreen and windows etched with your registration number
  7. Make sure potential thieves know about all the measures you have taken - you are looking to deter them from damaging your car as well as stopping them drive it away!

Remove or hide valuables in your car

If you can take the stereo, phones, satellite navigation and valuables from the car when you leave it, do so.

Do not leave bags, coats, jackets or other 'enticing' articles on view.

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